Episode 29: Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Ep: 29 Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Today’s episode discusses the areas that can interfere with Quality Of Life. We also go over the titles from the year briefly since this episode is the last one of 2015.

Neglect, Indifference, Indecision, Doubt, Worry, Over Caution, Pessimism, Complaining, and Blaming. These are all culprits to you having peace of mind and a good life. Taking responsibility is freeing and necessary to obtaining a better life.

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Robyne Hemingway

Episode 28: Dealing With Self Doubt

Ep: 28  Self Doubt, Self Worth, Self Compassion

Today’s episode is about our internal tapes that often say; you are not good enough. I go into detail about cultural standards for men and women that often are one of the drivers that interfere with feeling adequate.

The primary message of this episode is rooted in reminding you that you are enough and when the external world is telling you that you are not, please know that it’s just a message that you can change with your internal dialogue and knowing what is truly important and that is who you are on the inside.

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Robyne Hemingway

Episode: 27 The Power Of Decision Making

Ep: 27 The Power Of Decision Making and How Good Decisions Can Create Quality Of Life.

Today’s episode is about decision making and how when we make decisions with care, they can make a huge impact on our quality of life.

We discuss 1. Financial Choices and how they can make or break our quality of life.

We discuss 2. Consumption of food, alcohol, drugs and anything that you take into your body can have long lasting good and bad effects.

We discuss 3. Activity in the form of exercise; how it can be they way to bring about a better life.

We discuss 4. Relationships and how the joy and or pain might be the way you can decide if you should pull away in order to have a better life.

Ultimately, today’s episode is about the “power” good decision making can have on your overall quality of life. I also mention Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy and Og Mandino.

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Robyne Hemingway

Episode 26: Six Keys to Creating More Quality In Your Life

Ep: 26  Six Keys to Creating More Quality in Your Life

Today’s episode is about self love, loving others, being kind, the words that we use, patience and compassion.

I mention Dr. Masura Emoto who was the man who demonstrated that words and intention transform the presentation of the water molecular structure. I reference him because of the power that words have and so much we may not know.

I also discuss my purpose of podcasting.

I appreciate you

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Robyne Hemingway