Episode 41: Our Daily Rituals Define Us

Ep: 41 Our Daily Rituals Define Us

Today’s episode is about our daily rituals and habits and how the good and bad define us. If you want a different life or different results, you must evaluate your do’s and dont’s and decide what you need to do in order to ultimately get what you want to ultimately have a better functioning life. One that you are the master of…

Most of us, have daily routines or rituals that are habits and unfortunately there majority of us are dealing with routines, rituals and habits that are not giving back but instead taking away.

Your choice to Listen today means that you hope to get more and you want to move, evaluate, change and make your life what you want it to be composed of…

Want a better body? What a better diet? Want better relations with friends and family? You have more power to make this all happen than you think. Truly, its the small little things each day that make all the difference in the big picture.

Listen and get motivated to change the things you need to change to get the things you want.

My name is Robyne Hemingway

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Episode 40: Antioxidants & Best Foods

Ep: 40 Antioxidants and Best Foods

Today’s Episode is about Foods rate high on the Antioxidant List.

We discuss the importance of getting these foods into your diet on a regular basis.  I also mention a recipe book that just came into my life called….The Foodie Bar Way with 94 recipes that are perfect for those who do not like to cook, but kind of have to…

I look forward to hearing from listeners that are adding more nutrition into their everyday lives.

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Robyne Hemingway



Episode 39: Let’s Look At Fat Metabolism

Ep: 39 Let’s Look At Fat Metabolism

Today’s episode is about calling forth the leverage to remind us why exercise is the key to burning fat more so than reducing fuel consumption. How many times do you hear someone say that they exercise and eat well and still do not lose any weight? Or they announce that they lost 10 pounds and turn around and gain 25 pounds back?

This is because of the need to inhale 64 pounds of oxygen to lose 22 pounds of fat. Not 22 pounds in total but 22 pounds of fat. Yeah, you read this right. That sounds crazy right?

According to Ruben Meerman, 84% of fat loss turns into carbon dioxide leaves the body via the lungs and the 16% left over becomes water which is then excreted via urine, sweat, feces, tears etc.

I thank you for listening to this geek-a-fied explanation with hopes that you will hear the benefits of movement each and everyday. Go Cardio!

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