Episode 67: Trust, Transparency and Intention

Ep:67 Discussing the keys to a better life with Transparency

Today’s Episode is about a component of Trust; transparency. We talk about how you can have a better quality of life by being transparent and stating your intentions.

I mention that for me, the name calling, mudslinging and finger pointing does not lead me to want to trust either candidate. I have no idea what really matters to them… except for name calling and finger pointing.

I give some advice on how you can have better communication in your life by being transparent.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

Thank you for caring about your life.

Episode 66: The Cliff Ravenscraft Interview

Ep: 66 The Cliff Ravenscraft Interview

Today’s Podcast is an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft a well known podcast guru. We chat about his relationship around faith and his extraordinary fitness journey of the past 21 months. Cliff’s journey is quite inspiring. Please check him out at podcastanswerman.com or listen to him on The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

During our interview Cliff mentions several books; Fully Alive – Ken Davis – http://gspn.tv/fullyalive

Younger Next Year – Chris Crowley & Henry S Lodge – http://gspn.tv/youngernextyear

Younger Next Year For Women – http://amzn.to/2bZIt9S

Here is a brief introduction; Cliff Ravenscraft is first, and foremost, a podcast producer who has produced more than 30 of his own podcast shows with over 3,600 of his very own podcast episodes devoted to Business, Technology, Entertainment, Family, and Faith. In December 2006, Cliff launched PodcastAnswerMan.com where he has since helped tens of thousands of individuals and organizations successfully launch a podcast through one-on-one coaching, his Podcasting A to Z online group coaching course and his digital training tutorials. If you were to look at the top 100 podcasts in the business category of iTunes, more than 50 of these shows were created by clients who worked with Cliff.

Also, you can see before  and current photos of Cliff on google images, just type in Cliff Ravenscraft weight loss or #trainwithcliff

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Episode 65: How To Monitor Our Thoughts

Ep 65: How to Monitor Our Thoughts

Today’s episode is about monitoring our thoughts and thereby having or reaching a better quality in life. We go over how stress is often resulting from fear and worry. We talk about the negative feelings from negative thinking. We talk about proactive versus reactive. We talk about distancing ourselves from negative people, tv shows, news and the like.

Basically, we want to monitor our thoughts, so that we have a better life. When you are feeling negative emotions, you are probably focusing on negative thoughts.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and You are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

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