#127 How To Start A Plant Centered Diet

Ep #127 How to Start a Plant Centered Diet

In today’s episode we explore how to start a plant centered diet and or lifestyle. There are several stages but for today we will discuss the key 7 stages.

1st stage known as * adding new or adding more stage such as; vegetables, fruits and starches.

2nd stage known as * the substitution stage in where you substitute something better for something potentially problematic or not serving you.

3rd stage known as the * omitting and quitting stage. In this stage make decisions to omit or quit certain foods and or substances.

4th stage known as the * social reactions and situation stage. This stage is often where people wane and want to quit and consequently go back to the way they were. We encourage you to use stage 5, 6, and 7 to help stay true and strong.

5th stage known as * place your plan on paper stage in where you write create and write down your rules and regulations so you can stay true. This stage can evolve and change, but it really needs to be written down.

6th stage known as *the educational stage. In this stage you learn, read, watch, study, explore and consume massive amounts of information that hopefully is science based to propel you and keep you on track.

7th stage known as * community development stage. During this stage you you read books, watch youtube videos, follow instagram people doing the same as you for inspiration and guidance. This stage is critical for your success. Podcasts are good too ­čÖé

More information on this podcast episode will evolve and be listed in the pages section. Seek this page often as it will evolve. My plan is to list other podcasts mine on others to listen to along your path of discovery.

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#126 The Best Weight Loss Practices

Ep: #126 The Best Weight Loss Practices

Today’s Episode is about 16 of the Best Weight Loss Practices.┬á We discuss them and what I eat in a week. Basically my basic foods during the winter and summer.

  1. Define your rules; what you will have and what you won’t have.
  2. Choose your time line; 30, 60, 90 and or 100 days or Monday through Saturday…you eat a certain way.
  3. Beware of having a cheat day, cheating can ruin or destroy your success.
  4. Reduce or eliminate restaurants
  5. Define your exercise, your movement and your stretching.
  6. Do not drink your calories, unless you earn them through exercise
  7. Incorporate intermittent fasting-narrow your eating window
  8. Drink water instead of snacking
  9. Be mindful of eating to chew, feel, taste and find other ways to feel good aka the pleasure trap
  10. Avoid all drive thrus
  11. NEVER SNACK! one exception an apple 1 hour before final meal.
  12.  Track your food; know the calories each day and everyday.
  13. Consider giving up Overt Fats; oil, avocado, dairy nuts, seeds, meat, olives etc.
  14. Commit to know that 3500 calories equals one pound and that protein and carbs only have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram.
  15. Increase vegetables in your meals to 70 percent if you can.
  16. Bonus: track your weight and measurements weekly.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart. Take care and Bye Bye