My name is Robyne Hemingway. I am an acupuncturist, life coach, entrepreneur, health and plant-based enthusiast. I strive toward a 100 percent vegan diet, with the understanding that this goal is my most passionate desire.

This podcast is devoted to quality of life also known as QWL. That means any subject that is of a positive nature is what you may find here.

I am here in hopes to offer inspiration in ways that allow each of us to add little key twists and turns that enable our lives to move in the directions we wish.

Each of us can hear the same words 50 or more times before we hear the same words with enough clarity that we become motivated to make changes in order to achieve something that we want; be it better health, better wealth, better relationships, better bank accounts, better jobs…ultimately better lives.

I might not be the voice that inspires you to change in ways you wish today, I might not be the voice that inspires you tomorrow, but perhaps I might be one the many voices along the way.

My desire is to be someone you can comfortably listen to. I am not here to judge or lecture or to create any sense of negativity. I just want to share that which I find helpful to those who are attracting my words or words from so many others whom also want to inspire others.

As I continue to learn, explore and become more. I am eager to share my insights and my take on life.

I create episode ideas from what I read, watch and listen to. I inspire to offer thoughts on topics that many of us experience.

Thank you for visiting and listening.


Robyne Hemingway

A Quality Of Life Podcast-Plant Powered