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Episode 110: Love and Compassion with Nathan Runkle~Mercy For Animals

Ep: 110…. Love, Compassion, Connection, Empathy and Core Values.

Today’s Episode is more than a book interview.  We dive into hope and inspiration about what could be; a world free from unneeded pain and suffering.

Nathan started an organization 18 years ago that devotes its entire existence to advocating on behalf of farm animals, especially factory farm animals. The organization is called Mercy for Animals.

And his book entitled MERCY FOR ANIMALS is available September 12th, 2017 on all platforms. You can also reach out and get involved @  or the good food institute @

In this podcast we cover a lot of ground, talking about animal rights, laws that protect the factory farms such as ag gag laws and libel laws from transparency and  we talk about going vegan and vegetarian or even being meatless on Mondays.

We talk about the circle of compassion and how it is growing but all of us can divert our gaze and ignore that murder is a part of our everyday lives often every time we choose to eat meat, dairy and eggs.

Nathan is very good at asking not for perfection but for progress. You can choose to get involved by donating or by volunteering, or you can take a stand to reduce your consumption of animal products.

Remember, it’s about the “kind” choice, the acts of love. Animals, all animals have the ability to feel pain and in today’s factory farms, the abuse is insane and while, you may not know it,  eating meat is no longer required. You can choose plants, you can choose your core values to be ethical, loving, and filled with compassion.

Please enjoy this interview with Nathan Runkle and get a copy of his new book Mercy for Animals.

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Episode 37: An Interview With The Bearded Vegans

Ep: 37 The Bearded Vegan Interview

Today’s episode sheds light on two men known as The Bearded Vegans. Their podcast has quite the following. These two men are passionate about life, about justice, about animal rights, people rights and the environment. They are musicians and foodies, they are health conscious, activists and they demonstrate the true meaning of living life.

Andy Tabar and Paul Steller are interesting guys with beautiful souls. I resonate with them on so many levels.

We discuss important quality of life measures such as caring for humanity, caring for animals, caring for our health and how we can all explore new ways to think about the food we eat and the animals we humans kill all for the pleasure of our taste buds.

We mention important groups like PETA at, The Food Empowerment Act at and Vegfests around the country that offer information and community.

It does not matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or eating the standard american diet, this podcast episode is for anyone wanting to listen to two beautiful people sharing important topics each week on The Bearded Vegan Podcast.

You can check Andy’s clothing line out at

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