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Episode 111: Let Food Be Thy Medicine- Says Hippocrates

Ep: 111 Let Food Be Thy Medicine Says Hippocrates

The Father of Medicine figured out a very very long time ago, that how we eat determines how well we feel and ultimately the health we radiate.

In today’s episode I discuss the power of flaxseeds and how to add them to your life EVERYDAY.

The benefits of flaxseeds; high in fiber, lowers blood sugar, high in Omega 3s fatty acids, promotes good cholesterol, anti aging,  treats many menopause symptoms, anti fungal, anti viral, good for muscle pain and known to reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

So, how the heck to we add it to our lives? You can add it to muffins, pancakes, cereals like oatmeal and cream of wheat and you can add it to your daily green smoothie.

First recipe discussed today; Green Flaxseed Smoothie-

20 oz water, 1-3 cups kale, 2T. Ground Flaxseeds, 2T. Chia seeds and 1-2 cups frozen fruit. You can also add an apple or a banana.  Blend and enjoy!

Second recipe; Flaxseed Oatmeal-1/2 oats,  1T. brown sugar, pinch of salt, pinch of cinnamon cover mixture with hot water and cook a few minutes, then just before eating toss in  1-3 T. ground flaxseeds and the sweetener of choice then stir and eat.

Next we have 4 no cook flaxseed oatmeal recipes variations; put them it in your fridge and eat the next day.

In a small mason jar add to each recipe; 1/2 Cup Oats, 1-3 T. flax seeds, 1T Chia seeds, 1/3 Nut Milk, Sweetener of choice about a tablespoon.

Then you can change it up, by adding blueberries, vanilla, maple syrup, honey, lemon zest, yogurt, almond extract, or any other fruit dried of fresh. Put it in your refrigerator and the next day it’s ready to be topped with a little more nut milk and drizzled with agave nectar.

Next, Flaxseed Cookies-1C. Flaxseed ground, 1C. Almond Flour, pinch salt, 1/4 1/2c maple syrup, 1/4c. water, 1t. vanilla. Roll into cookie and flatten at bit on parchment paper. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and 18 minutes.  Check every 5 minutes.

Flaxseed Crackers 175 degrees 2 hours then turn over and bake another 30 min.

2Cups Whole Flaxseeds, 3Cups Water set aside 15 minutes while you chop;1/4c bell peppers, 1/4c  cilantro, 1/8c red onion, 2tsp. garlic and 1/4c green chilies. Add all ingredients and stir. Then add juice of one lime and sprinkle with salt. Spread on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Final recipe for today, bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Please preheat oven

Flaxseed Crackers; 1c. sunflower seeds, 1/2c whole flaxseeds, 1/3c roasted pumpkin seeds(pipitas), 1/4c roasted sesame seeds, 1 1/2c oats, 2T Chia seeds, 4T psyllium husk, 1 1/2 tsp Salt, 1T sweetener, 3T. Coconut oil, 1 1/2 cup water.  Then roll on to parchment paper on cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Please preheat oven.

And last tidbit, you can just put ground flax seeds in a bowl, add nut milk and sweetener and eat. It’s that easy.

Thank you so much for listening. My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.



Episode 110: Love and Compassion with Nathan Runkle~Mercy For Animals

Ep: 110…. Love, Compassion, Connection, Empathy and Core Values.

Today’s Episode is more than a book interview.  We dive into hope and inspiration about what could be; a world free from unneeded pain and suffering.

Nathan started an organization 18 years ago that devotes its entire existence to advocating on behalf of farm animals, especially factory farm animals. The organization is called Mercy for Animals.

And his book entitled MERCY FOR ANIMALS is available September 12th, 2017 on all platforms. You can also reach out and get involved @  or the good food institute @

In this podcast we cover a lot of ground, talking about animal rights, laws that protect the factory farms such as ag gag laws and libel laws from transparency and  we talk about going vegan and vegetarian or even being meatless on Mondays.

We talk about the circle of compassion and how it is growing but all of us can divert our gaze and ignore that murder is a part of our everyday lives often every time we choose to eat meat, dairy and eggs.

Nathan is very good at asking not for perfection but for progress. You can choose to get involved by donating or by volunteering, or you can take a stand to reduce your consumption of animal products.

Remember, it’s about the “kind” choice, the acts of love. Animals, all animals have the ability to feel pain and in today’s factory farms, the abuse is insane and while, you may not know it,  eating meat is no longer required. You can choose plants, you can choose your core values to be ethical, loving, and filled with compassion.

Please enjoy this interview with Nathan Runkle and get a copy of his new book Mercy for Animals.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart

Episode 109: What the Plant Milk Is Going On?

Ep: 109 What the Plant Milk Is Going On?

Today, we talk about plant milk; soy, almond, coconut, oat, hemp, and rice. Why plant milk? First, the number one reason is milks made from plants are  a healthier choice to milk made by a Cow’s or any animal for that matter, especially when you make the plant milk at home.

All you need is clean filtered water and whatever you want to make your milk from. It helps to have a high powered blending such as Blendtec or Vitamix, but you can make it with any blender it just won’t be as smooth.

2. The second reason to add plant milks to your life is convenience. You can store boxed plant milks for a year or longer and you can store all the items that you  will need to make plant milks for just as long if not longer. This makes food creation fast so much easier. You can make smoothies, soups, cereals, baked goods, ice cream, desserts and so on. Also, making these items is super easy. There is no real skill required.

Once you make the any of the milks you will be so happy you ventured into this world of plant milks.

I also talk briefly about how cow’s milk is laden with chemicals, hormones, pus and antibiotics. You may want to watch some videos about the dairy industry and factory farming for added insights and information. It is truly a terrible industry and will aid you with the information needed to know what is really contained in dairy milk.

Most plant milks are 4 cups filtered water to 1 cup whatever you are making the milk from. But, remember the less water the richer and thicker the milk. To make it sweet you can add dates and or maple syrup. A pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon is also a nice little addition create a nice flavor.

I hope you explore the wonderful world of plant milks and venture into making it at home.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart

Episode 108: The Secret to Getting Stuff Done

Ep: 108 The Secret To Getting Stuff Done

Today’s podcast is about something we all know, but it helps to have a reminder every now and again. The art of getting stuff done. The power of to-do-lists…

I go over some tips and tricks on making it easier to tackle the mundane everyday stuff by breaking it into smaller parts, known as chunking. I talk about adding some of these to-dos to the Monday through Friday so that the weekend is not so full.

And basically, I think that managing our lives better makes for a better life.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

Thank you

Episode 107: The Power of Visualization

Ep: 107 The Power of Visualization

Today we talk about visualization and how you can use it to make decisions no matter what size they are. We also go over how not creating positive mental pictures can often lead to a cruddy life. The pictures in your mind make all the difference.

The takeaway is to create a notebook of all areas that matter the most and next to each area be a goal, an affirmation, what you are grateful for, your list of things you like about yourself, what you truly want to transpire in your life, you draw a mental picture representing each idea concept or thing. This will create a turbo effect that brings about and reinforces the life you are creating.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart

Episode 106: HealthCare In America

Ep: 106 HealthCare In America

What the heck is going on? Well, we have a complex system trying to become a real healthcare entitlement for all people. But, change is hard, change is difficult.

What Can You Do About Your Health?

  1. Hydrate. 2. Eat salads and veggies and whenever you find that your eating and drinking habits are not good, reset right away. Do better. That’s it that is the very best we can all do, is make a point of resetting as soon as you can. Because poor health is often, not always, but often a choice you have been making for years every time you lift your fork or tip your glass.

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

Episode 104: The Power of Green Smoothies & Green Juice

Ep: 104  – The Power of Green Smoothies & Green Juice – Today’s podcast is about taking your nutrition to the next level. If you do not juice and blend fruits and vegetables daily, you are missing vital elements to a good solid healthful foundation.  My go to book for Green Smoothies is called Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko and My go to book for juice recipes is called The Juiceman’s power of juicing by Jay Kordich.

The message of today, is to take charge of your life and health and incorporate fresh homemade juices and smoothies.

You can simply google recipes for juicing and smoothies and find hundreds if not thousands on the internet. Today’s podcast is about adding both smoothies and juices into your everyday life.

Recipe 1. Banana, apple, greens; romaine lettuce or any green works, water, ginger, and turmeric. Go easy with the amounts of ginger at first. Recipe 2.  Kale, water, romaine, cilantro, celery, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, ginger, and frozen banana. Recipe 3. Peaches, Spinach, and water. Recipe 4. Banana, romaine, strawberries and water. Recipe 5.Apricots, banana, blueberries, Read Leaf lettuce and water.

In regards to juices, use carrot and apple as your base for many juices. Remember 1/4 of each recipe is Green on any and all green juices. And buy Organic.

I mention the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for inspiration with juicing. I forgot to mention The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson a documentary and a book, very very inspiring.  I also like adding lemon, celery, cucumber, jalapeno and greens to my daily juice regimen. Google the Lemon Ginger Blast. An awesome juice recipe.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway  for great deals on juicing machines


Episode 103: The Art of Fasting & Detoxing The Body

Ep: 103 The Art of Fasting & Detoxing The Body

Today’s episode explores water fasting. We discuss some of the benefits, the consequences and a regime or routine that one could follow for optimum health.

Please anyone interested in fasting who is experiencing health problems, you will need to see a doctor or fasting expert when fasting.  And anyone under 18 should not fast due to possible growth hormone interference.

Okay, so benefits are detoxification, resetting dietary habits, weight loss, stimulating growth hormones, removal of skin tags, reduction of scar tissue, reduction or elimination of body odor, improves and or eliminate digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Negative consequences; death if done incorrectly, bargaining and negotiating to stop or eat, doubts, fear, emotional worry about the fasting, uncomfortable feelings as toxins leave your body.

Schedule for detoxing by way of fasting; By drinking only water and not eating anything

  1. Pick the same day every week to not eat for one 24 hour to 36 hour window. Please Drink water!
  2. 6 weeks to 4 months complete step 1.
  3. Then gradually add 3 and 4 day fasts and drink water!
  4. After minimum of 6 months add a 7 day fast
  5. Continue with Steps 1-3
  6. Drink 56 ounces to 128 ounces unless very over weight, if so minimum is .5 ounces for every pound of body weight.
  7. Distilled water is best, second best is filtered
  8. The more often you fast the longer you can fast
  9. After you have 4 Seven day fasts in your experience, you can add a 10 day fast( though not required).
  10. After you have 4 Ten day fast in your experience, you may add longer fasts (though with supervision) and again not needed
  11. Eat well before and after fasts; Organic Fruit and Vegetables
  12. Break all fast will watermelon or tomatoes or salad with only lemon and honey as dressing
  13. Use Your inner voice on experienced longer fasts
  14. Use a Calendar and map out your fasts in advance
  15. Never break fasts with animal products…
    *And best not to tell people you are fasting

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

Thank You!

Episode 102: Behavior Modification Is Everything

Ep:102 Behavior Modification Is Everything.

Today’s podcast explores how to experience more joy, fun, love, laughter, peace, faith, hope, optimism, gratitude, SELF WORTH, Respect, communication and having control in one’s life.

The three targeted areas that lead us to those ideals above are 1. Exercise, 2. Dietary Habits, and 3. Financial Habits. These three are the jewels of the Behavioral Modification.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway