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#126 The Best Weight Loss Practices

Ep: #126 The Best Weight Loss Practices

Today’s Episode is about 16 of the Best Weight Loss Practices.  We discuss them and what I eat in a week. Basically my basic foods during the winter and summer.

  1. Define your rules; what you will have and what you won’t have.
  2. Choose your time line; 30, 60, 90 and or 100 days or Monday through Saturday…you eat a certain way.
  3. Beware of having a cheat day, cheating can ruin or destroy your success.
  4. Reduce or eliminate restaurants
  5. Define your exercise, your movement and your stretching.
  6. Do not drink your calories, unless you earn them through exercise
  7. Incorporate intermittent fasting-narrow your eating window
  8. Drink water instead of snacking
  9. Be mindful of eating to chew, feel, taste and find other ways to feel good aka the pleasure trap
  10. Avoid all drive thrus
  11. NEVER SNACK! one exception an apple 1 hour before final meal.
  12.  Track your food; know the calories each day and everyday.
  13. Consider giving up Overt Fats; oil, avocado, dairy nuts, seeds, meat, olives etc.
  14. Commit to know that 3500 calories equals one pound and that protein and carbs only have 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram.
  15. Increase vegetables in your meals to 70 percent if you can.
  16. Bonus: track your weight and measurements weekly.

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Episode 85: How To Avoid Hidden Calories

Ep 85: How to Avoid Hidden Calories

Today’s Episode is about Identifying Hidden Calories by 1. self discovery 2. evaluating if those calories are worth their gain 3. Eliminating calories that will never be missed 4. Substitution with lower calorie foods or substances 5. Being mindful of rewarding yourself for not getting the so called bad item and then celebrating with dessert. 6. Not eating out or reducing the number of times you eat out in restaurants or fast food.

Then I go over 17 foods that can be the culprit to interrupting or interfering your weight loss success. Here are some of those foods to consider; Sesame Butter, coconut oil, avocados, brown rice, peanut butter, bread, butter, oil, nuts, cheese, meat, granola, pizza, salad dressing, mayo, soda and desserts. I go over that these foods can be awesome, but you need to be mindful that all foods contain calories even when they come packed with great nutrition.

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Episode 39: Let’s Look At Fat Metabolism

Ep: 39 Let’s Look At Fat Metabolism

Today’s episode is about calling forth the leverage to remind us why exercise is the key to burning fat more so than reducing fuel consumption. How many times do you hear someone say that they exercise and eat well and still do not lose any weight? Or they announce that they lost 10 pounds and turn around and gain 25 pounds back?

This is because of the need to inhale 64 pounds of oxygen to lose 22 pounds of fat. Not 22 pounds in total but 22 pounds of fat. Yeah, you read this right. That sounds crazy right?

According to Ruben Meerman, 84% of fat loss turns into carbon dioxide leaves the body via the lungs and the 16% left over becomes water which is then excreted via urine, sweat, feces, tears etc.

I thank you for listening to this geek-a-fied explanation with hopes that you will hear the benefits of movement each and everyday. Go Cardio!

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Episode 35: Unlock Your Hidden Powers To Happiness

Ep: 35 Unlock Your Hidden Powers To Happiness

Today’s episode is about discovering the emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT. We learn from Maria LiPuma in an interview.

This interview is for anyone who has or has had addictions with food, drugs, and or alcohol.

This interview is for anyone who knows someone who might be ready to stop the cycle of self destruction.

You can reach Maria on her website

You can call her at 541-201-8787

Maria offers a free consultation to see if what she offers may meet your needs. Please email her for more information or visit her website

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Episode 25: How to Lose 15 Pounds With Tips and Tricks During the Holidays

Ep: 25 How to Lose 15 Pounds during the holidays

Today’s episode is all about making sure that you do not gain weight during the holidays and additionally how to lose 15 pounds when most everyone else is gaining weight.

There are 7 key areas that are covered; #1: Desires, tastes, smells that are pulling on us at all times.#2: Coping with life; the anxieties that come with the holidays such as additional money for gifts etc., #3: Habits around food; to include mindless eating. #4: Lack of planning what we are going to eat and therefore just grabbing something to eat which almost always leads to high calorie, high fat, low quality foods. #5:Lazy; we all allow ourselves to be lazy during the holidays and this leads to bad choices when it comes to food. #6: Lacking Motivation; we allow the people in our lives that are not wanting to lose weight or not wanting to lose weight now, influence us to put off what we can do now. They think that we will eat now, gain now and lose later. This is THE NUMBER ONE REASON the average person gains 15 pounds during the holidays. Do not allow other people to rob you from feeling good. #7: Lacking knowledge; we do not do our homework and learn how many calories we are eating and drinking. We do not learn and study what we eat and this lack of knowledge is the main reason we choose to drink a high calorie drinks or eat a high calorie meals. We just did not know.
We go over the things you can do to beat the odds and not gain weight during the holidays and how you can actually lose weight instead.
We also go over things that you can do to boost endorphins without eating to ensure that you are feeling good.

Main advice: Write down all of the foods you eat regularly and that you usually eat during the holidays. Look them up on google and know what it is costing you calorie wise before you eat or drink it.

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