Episode 09: How She Lost 95 Pounds: Transformation

Ep 09: How She Lost 95 Pounds

Today’s Episode is about a woman who lost 95 pounds: Kerrie Davis. Today Kerrie weighs 140/145 pounds.

When she started her health journey, she weighed in at 242/250 pounds. She was on several medications, smoking and eating foods that did not make her feel good. Her life was spinning out of control.

Then something happened. She turned a corner when she met a healthcare practitioner who talked to her about nutrition. Over the next year, Kerrie took control over her life…she started to put herself first. She gave up the $90,000 year job and stress filled life and turned over a new leaf by getting healthy.

Listen to this podcast for at least one nugget of insight. You canĀ email: robyne@hemingwaysheart.com for Kerrie’s info or mine or go to


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Thank you for listening and remember to always follow your heart.

Robyne Hemingway