Episode 10: How to Choose Your Diet

Hello Everyone, today’s episode is about how to choose your diet for weight loss and a healthy life.

We will cover the 5 key concepts;

1. Choose a diet that fits your personality. Another words, choose one you think you will follow. Something you think you can do long term.

2. Choose a diet that is in line with where you currently are. Another words, do not choose to a vegan diet,  if you are eating meat three times a day and its your favorite.

3. Choose a diet that is safe and healthy.  Do some research to see if there has been any bad testimonials. Also, use the reasonable test to make sure that the diet makes sense. Please do not use any supplements and teas that say they will help you lose weight. These are almost always unsafe.

4. If you have no idea which diet is best: Choose Weight Watchers. It is an excellent program with education, accountability and no unsafe practices. If it sounds super easy, then it probably will be temporary weight loss and it won’t last. Permanent Weight loss takes time.

5. And lastly, look at what are your trigger foods and make a list of how you will reduce and reduce some more until they are rarely in your diet. You can lose a lot of weight by breaking up with high calorie low quality foods and drinks.

Check back in on the website, I will list 5 diets to look up and get to know.

Thank you for listening today

Robyne Hemingway

1. Weight Watchers

2. Jenny Craig

3. 80 10 10 by Douglas Graham – I recommend the book on audible.com

4. Raw Vegan

5. Vegan

Here is a link for the 34 highest rated diets click here

I recommend strongly that you study diets that are life style diets, not diets for short term results. Gradual small changes towards your long term goals is best.