Episode 100: Let’s Explore Eating Clean

Ep 100: Let’s Explore Eating Clean

On Today’s Podcast we discuss what clean eating is and how you can be more conscious of the food choices you are making. Clean Foods are whole foods that are not made or changed in a factory. If it grows from the dirt and you can wash it and eat it, that’s super Clean: Also, GMO free and Pesticide Free.

  1. Be Your Own Chef-this means eat at home and select foods that are whole plant based most of the time.
  2. Avoid Highly Processed Foods-even those that are “healthful” or “healthy”.
  3. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
  4. Become Your Family’s Role Model
  5. Focus on Your Macro Nutrients Balance –
  6. Break Up with Your Trigger Foods
  7. Make a List of Your Favorite Fruits and Vegetables and incorporate them often
  8. Try New Fruits and Vegetables- Your Tastebuds Change
  9. Focus on Nutrient Dense Foods
  10. Organic and Fresh is Best

Thank you so very much for tuning in today!

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart