Episode 104: The Power of Green Smoothies & Green Juice

Ep: 104  – The Power of Green Smoothies & Green Juice – Today’s podcast is about taking your nutrition to the next level. If you do not juice and blend fruits and vegetables daily, you are missing vital elements to a good solid healthful foundation.  My go to book for Green Smoothies is called Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko and My go to book for juice recipes is called The Juiceman’s power of juicing by Jay Kordich.

The message of today, is to take charge of your life and health and incorporate fresh homemade juices and smoothies.

You can simply google recipes for juicing and smoothies and find hundreds if not thousands on the internet. Today’s podcast is about adding both smoothies and juices into your everyday life.

Recipe 1. Banana, apple, greens; romaine lettuce or any green works, water, ginger, and turmeric. Go easy with the amounts of ginger at first. Recipe 2.  Kale, water, romaine, cilantro, celery, pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, ginger, and frozen banana. Recipe 3. Peaches, Spinach, and water. Recipe 4. Banana, romaine, strawberries and water. Recipe 5.Apricots, banana, blueberries, Read Leaf lettuce and water.

In regards to juices, use carrot and apple as your base for many juices. Remember 1/4 of each recipe is Green on any and all green juices. And buy Organic.

I mention the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for inspiration with juicing. I forgot to mention The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson a documentary and a book, very very inspiring.  I also like adding lemon, celery, cucumber, jalapeno and greens to my daily juice regimen. Google the Lemon Ginger Blast. An awesome juice recipe.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway

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