Episode 120: The Big Question

Ep: 120 The Big Question

Today’s episode is about questioning why we do not explore information that can truly help us. I explain what I mean by talking about a man who had several signs of heart disease, leading down the road of several medical procedures to include surgery and when his doctor finally told him that the must prepare for death he turned to God. It was then that someone asked him if he had read the book How to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease by Dr, Esselstyn…. The man said he knew of the book but he had not read it.

So, my question is why do we wait until the very end if ever to open a book with the answers right there on the cover? And why are so many of us willing to listen to the guy next door and follow his diet without one second of personal research? Why do we accept low carb diets as legit without educating ourselves first?  Why do we get so invested in diets that have temporary results and are often dangerous?

I only touch this subject today, but I will revisit this topic many times.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart