Episode 15: Four Key Areas-Make Your Life Better

Ep: 15 Four Keys To Make Your Life Better

Today’s Episode is about adding quality to your life. We look at four key areas or ingredients that can truly add quality to your life. ┬áThe four areas are; 1. Food 2, Music, 3. Friends and 4. Books.

Your life can easily get stuck in the same old routine. In order to transform your life you can concentrate on reading and or listening to books, calling up friends from your past or creating new friends, listening to music from your past and from the present and choosing foods and beverages that not only add great nutrition but also invite pleasure that delight.

I mention Stephanie Plum Series of Books with CJ Critt as an awesome narrator and written by Janet Evanovich. I mention the 4 hour workweek, The 4 hour body and The 4 hour chef written by Tim Ferris. I also mention The China Study written by T. Colen Campbell, The Biology of Belief written by Bruce Lipton and Virus of The Mind written by Richard Brodie and The Shack written by Young. These are just a few books that I enjoyed and they added much quality to my life and made a strong impression.

Reading and listening to books not only entertain and elevate your mood, but they can be a good way to go on a mental vacation by choosing books that are in other parts of the world. I mention Eat Pray and Love and how the leading protagonist Elizabeth Gilbert takes you to Italy, India and Indonesia and each time you actually feel as if you are in those countries. This added a lot of value for me. These little experiences can really make your life better.

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