Episode 16: The discovery Process to Good Diet & Nutrition

Ep: 16 The discovery Process to Good Diet & Nutrition

Today’s episode discusses the importance of reading and listening to many different diets and nutrition concepts. We briefly review 6 books . The importance is not based on these books in specific, but more about reading and researching yourself and stepping away from the locked in programing from your up bringing,  comfort foods, and trigger foods that make you over eat.

This episode also addresses reading and listening to opinions that are not always in line or matching your current views. We also address the importance of always learning reading and being open to new information and fact checking  such as researching other people’s research.

It is also important to know what is in your food, not just calories, fats and proteins; Learn everything you can about vitamins, minerals, enzymes and food additives.

As always, we want you to have good solid nutritious foods, plenty of sleep and be super hydrated because all quality of life starts with great nutrition.

Thank you for listening to hemingway’s heart.

My name is Robyne Hemingway