Episode 21: How A Cancer Diagnosis Felt

Ep: 21 How A Cancer Diagnosis Felt

Today I discuss my diagnosis with Cancer and what that felt like. I go into detail as to what the process was like for me. I share this experience to help others know that you are not alone in feeling entranced when you get this diagnosis. The Big C diagnosis is scary.

I share this experience because my commitment to eating an animal free diet, my discipline is 100 percent because of this leverage. What I mean is it’s that I know first hand that cancer did grow inside me and I am not invincible.

My focus on plants and my commitment to eating healthy plant based diet, a diet more conscious  than most people …is because of this experience.

I do not know if I had not gone through this Big C ordeal if I would be so disciplined, but if you are fortunate enough NOT to have had a cancer diagnosis you might want to think about your ability to turn cancer off to prevent its life by eating a diet that is 6 to 10 percent animal protein.

CHECK OUT The China Study by T. Colin Campbell for more information.

This podcast is for someone who might want to know what that experience felt like and for someone who may have just got a diagnosis of Cancer or knows someone who has cancer.

This podcast is about quality of life and a life without Cancer or any disease is absolutely a quality life.

This podcast episode is dedicated to anyone facing the battle of health over disease.

Let plant food be thy medicine. It is always the body that heals us.

Thank You for Listening to Hemingway’s Heart

Robyne Hemingway