Episode 22: How to Manage Depression

Ep: 22 How to Manage Depression

Today’s episode is featured on account of the holidays coming up and the knowledge of the number of people who are and will be experiencing depression over the holidays. However, the tips apply anytime you are feeling depressed.

I give you advice on how to deal with depression anytime and anyplace. Today’s podcast will go over 10 tips or themes that will absolutely help you move through depression at a faster rate.

It is important to know that depression is a normal response to circumstance, thoughts, situations, events and isolation and depression is by definition a coping mechanism. So, you are totally normal to experience emotions that are unpleasant.

The key to managing depression is what you do when you are depressed. If you or anyone incorporates these 10 tips, you will absolutely feel better and move through depression at a faster rate.

Thank you for listening

Robyne Hemingway