Episode: 30 New Year’s Resolution & Goal Setting

Ep: 30  New Year’s Resolution & Goal Setting

Today’s episode number 30 starts off a New Year… 2016. It is hard to believe we are in 2016. I feel like I am in a dream. Where does the time go?

In any event, the show must go on and well how can I start a new year off without talking about New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting?

Please tune in to this episode and afterward, sit down and start your list. Remember, your list of goals will match your bank balance.

  1. Goals for Finance; more money in your bank account, knowing what you really spend will help you and all of us define if what we are buying is really worth it.

2. Goals for Relationships; more time with your children, your friends and your family and work family.

3. Goals for your total health; mind, body and spirit.

May you have the best year ever!

Thank you for listening and welcome to 2016!

Robyne Hemingway