Episode 32: Leverage Is Your Secret Weapon

Ep: 32 Leverage Is Your Secret Weapon

Today’s episode we will talk about how it is imperative to have things that are motivators to reaching your goals or whatever it is that you want. Ultimately, progress is what makes us feel alive.

Leverage is when you use something of value to achieve a desired result. For me, I use books, documentaries, movies, and podcasts to inspire me. I also use that knowledge obtained in those to help me.

The keys to leverage lie in the use of imagination, clarity, pictures, words, information, people, plan of action and knowing of course what you want helps immensely.

It is also important to share your list with someone and ask them if you can trade as accountability partners.

Creating an organizational system to help you, a reward system to help you and a list of the things that you will do to achieve your goals.

Having a time line is also key to your success.

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My name is Robyne Hemingway