Episode 38: The Power Of Forgiveness

Ep: 38 Exploring Forgiveness & Quality Of Life

Today’s episode is about Forgiveness and how it is truly for You.

To forgive is to help you release the hurt and hostility that lives inside you like a toxin.

We look at how to reduce the pain by way of mental manipulation; learning how to soften the memory or the betrayal.  To learn how to break away from the darkness that keeps you in a prison of sorts.

  1. Withdraw your focus
  2. re-orient your view your perspective
  3. give up the hope that your past could be different
  4. commit to the journey for a better you

Some forms of betrayal and pain are small, some are medium and some are huge and horrific each has a different level of pain

Experts say that some forms of pain can take 24 months to process and work through, but ultimately forgiveness frees you from the pain.

You do not need to say your forgiveness to the person that you forgive, but you will heal and your quality of life will be enhanced when you forgive. You do not need to reconnect and share your life with them.

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart