Episode 43: How to Rescue Your Relationship

Ep: 43 How to Rescue Your Relationship

Today’s episode discusses two main key components that will transform your relationship. We ask the important question how does your partner, your lover, your main squeeze feel loved? You may want to write down what you think the answer or answers are before you ask, then ask and see if you know.

We also discuss how to get back intimacy, love,  and even passion.

The two key factors for healthy relationships are time and attention. 

The solutions to getting those back into your relationship is planning 30 minutes each day of alone time with just the two of you spending time together and one date night a week where you actually go on a date and finally adding back honey dos; notes, texts, love letters, appreciation cards, gratitude cards and talks, and favors and kind gestures.

Showing love, give love and make your relationship a priority in your life. This will transform the quality you experience each and everyday.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

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Robyne Hemingway