Episode 45: The Power of Self Talk

Ep 45: The Power Of Self Talk

Today’s episode is about how powerful what we say to ourself and to others is for our health and overall quality of life.

This episode is a repeat episode: for two reasons, one because it is super important to monitor our words and two because I am having technical issues with getting my episodes to show up.

If you notice, you will see a few times where the same episode is published twice. That is because it was not showing and then later, it showed. I did not remove one because it can interfere with showing at all. Please see my episodes at http://Hemingwaysheart.com if you do not see one each and every week.

The technical side of podcasting is new for me and as all things that are new we learn and grow over time.

Please be patient and if you want to know what to expect, one episode each week usually published by Saturday at the latest Sunday and that is only when there are issues on the technical side.

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Robyne Hemingway