Episode 48: Creating The Life You Want- 13 Keys To A Better You

Ep: 48 Creating The Life You Want -13 Keys To A Better You

Today’s episode is about self worth, self value, self beliefs, self respect and self esteem.

13 keys to a better You

  1. make a decision to raise your internal value of self
  2. create a list of behaviors you want to change
  3. only use language that reflects a kind and loving person.
  4. increase your knowledge by studying
  5. evaluate self destruction habits and behaviors and take action
  6. improve time management
  7. make a decision to work on  your self image
  8. destroy the emotion resentment-concur this one!
  9. remove your ego (okay we forgot this one)
  10. cultivate love of others; meaning you actually value and care about other people
  11. value other people’s point of view
  12. be grateful
  13. go out of your way to be thoughtful, unselfish and give back.

This podcast is for those who truly want to have a great life. It starts with learning to really like yourself.

Thank you for listening

Robyne Hemingway