Episode 51: Are Your Perspectives, Views, Beliefs and Opinions Costing You?

Ep: 51 Are your perspectives, views, beliefs and opinions costing you?

Today’s Episode discusses the cost or potential cost when holding onto a steadfast belief system that does not allow you to grow.  We also discuss the benefit from trying to understand where another person may be coming from in that they too have the right to see the world from where they stand. I mention the current political arena as an example of the name calling or mud slinging coming not only from the candidates but also those who are for one opponent over another. I use this arena to show how often their behaviors are causing harm to each person’s quality of life through anger causing heart agitation. I get off of topic some conveying that I want to hear the political candidates share how they would run our country or how they would want to run our country, but instead we have the media capturing the rantings of people and the candidates participating in vicious name calling and heated violence. This process is not showing how people can rise to their better selves.

Ultimately, I am wanting to shed light on how your perspectives might be costing you quality of life. Remember we are experiencing life in our own way and each of us has a right to experience life in a healthy way of mind, body and spirit.  Step away if you can, respectfully when you are not able to see someone else’s point of view or perspectives.

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