Episode 55: The Farm of Life Costa Rican Experience With Stephanie Singh

Ep: 55 The Farm of Life Costa Rican Experience With Stephanie Singh.

Today’s episode is about The Farm Of Life Costa Rican Experience.  We talk about our experience at farmoflife with emphasis on health, plant medicines, sun gazing, raw food, vegan food, cooked and uncooked foods, chanting, sound healing, meditation, wisdom, and our experiences while on the farm, what it’s like being back and more.

Stephanie and I are now official farm-sisters who met on the farm-of-life and like most people who visit the farm, we have quality of life in common.

Stephanie has a youtube channel called The Sun food goddess and her website is also called Thesunfoodgoddess.com 

Stephanie is a beautiful person with a wonderful energy and a glorious soul.

Please take a peak and listen to our recent trip to Costa Rica where we visited farmoflifecr.com

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart

We mentioned Dr. Masura Emoto water images, letting go of fear, anger, guilt and shame, sun gazing, juicing, smoothies, meditation, barefoot walking, raw vegan movement, and more.