Episode 61: The Importance of The Mastermind Group

Ep: 61 The Importance of The Mastermind Group

Today’s episode is about creating a mastermind group that will take your life to the very best level. This episode is for serious players, people who really want to reach and make their life all that it can be. ┬áPersonal Growth is key.

We go over the benefits of the mastermind group, the ways to create one, what you can do in the meantime and we mention three books you would benefit reading that are written by the man who discovered the mastermind group; Napoleon Hill.

Positive Mental Attitude, Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting The Devil.

There are some additional tidbits, like what you can do with cauliflower, which foods should be Organic and which ones you could skip on Organic if finances are tight or they just don’t have any.

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Oh and I mention the 73,000 invaders that came to visit.