Episode 62: How To Cultivate Real Friendships

Ep 62: How to Cultivate Real Friendships

Today’s episode speaks directly to the re-activation of friendships, however the formula for re-activation is the same formula for developing new friendships as well.

The formula is 1. Call each week, 2. Write Letters, 3. text, 4. invite them out to do something that allows you to really bond. Facebook does not build close connections.

When working on building a deeper connection, you must show that you care by asking your friend about their life and listening and responding to what they say.   The formula also includes; asking about your friends job, family, significant other, children, parents, siblings, hobbies and more. Rule number one, show them that you care.

Your level of friendships will match the level of attention and care.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart, my name is Robyne Hemingway.