Episode 70: Where to Find Inspiration & Leadership

Ep: 70 Where to Find Inspiration & Leadership

Today’s episode sheds light on a few wonderful people; we discuss the CEO of Linkedin, Jeff Weiner and how he recently sold Linkedin for a little over 26 million and remains the CEO.

Jeff Weiner is more than a CEO, he is a man of interest leading with strong core values while weaving compassion, kindness and the value of serving others.

We also mention Dr. Tara Brach who is a leader in finding peace and freedom and self acceptance. She has a podcast that gets over a million downloads each week and two books; True Refuge and Radical Forgiveness all well worth your time!

We also mention Pema Chodron a buddhist teacher, leader, author and nun. You can listen to some of her spiritual retreats that are endearing on audible.com or read her and of her15 books. The most popular book; When Things Fall.

And last but certainly not least, Michael Beckwith; founder of Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City California. He is also an author of several inspirational books; most recently Life Visioning.

Thank you for listening and caring about your quality of life. My name is Robyne Hemingway.