Episode 76: The 4 Key Areas That Matter The Most

Ep 76: The 4 Key Areas That Matter The Most

Today’s episode is super important for anyone wanting to really get a hold on their life.  Every year, it makes sense to me to look at our lives and see what areas matter the most. The first one; awareness of what you are putting in your body-food, beverages, alcohol, smoke, perfumes, lotions, hair dye, air and  clean water. Second; awareness of money -what are your basic bills, re-evaluate them. What are you spending money on? non thought spending?Are suffering from lack of budgeting? Do you know what needs verses what are purely wants? Each of these need to be looked at by each member of the immediate family. Budget what you spend on yourself and each member of the family. I recommend that you journal what you spend for at least one month, but two or three months would be even better.

I recommend separate accounts for couples. If you insist on having a joint account, then have one for bills and separate ones for your own personal spending. Make arrangements for your expenses to be texted to your phone. This way you will have your spending record available on your phone. If you are living in the red, meaning that you are spending more that you make, re-evaluate, either get a second job or cut expenses. Evaluate which expenses really are valued and rate them on a 1-10.

The next category is the awareness of your space- Is it showing organization, cleanliness or is their broken things, clutter, trash, dirt, dishes and a poor neighborhood?  Your area needs to be clean, tidy and organized in order for you to have a good life. Break down each area and begin to work on them one by one. Request help from each family member and assign tasks and chores.

Our next area is the awareness of people- Do you have negative people in your everyday life? Are they matching your core values? You need to re-evaluate if they match your values? Are they goal oriented? Success oriented?  Your happiness is going to be directly related to these answers.

And finally, the bonus area; Your day to day existence- is it reactive? Is it planned?  Are you on time? Do you have quality of time for yourself? If not, have you looked at how you could change this? Do you find that you are always making excuses for what you are doing that is counter productive to a good life? Do you find time to exercise? Are you able to cook your own meals? Are you able to drink clean water and smell clean air? What are you doing as a coping mechanism?

I hope that today’s podcast encourages you to look at your life and break it down into areas that can add more quality to your life.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.  Take care