Episode 79: Tips On Organizing Your Space

Ep 79: Tips On Organizing Your Space

Today’s episode is about making your life better with organizing your space and therefore organizing your life. ¬†We talk about having a special place for your keys, wallet, purse, and phone. We discuss the very act of choosing a day to plan when you will organize and what you want to accomplish. We also talk about a great resource with youtube in searching for tips and tricks from others on any area you want to get better in. Alejandra.tv is a youtube organizing star. She is hard core perfection and though that might be intimidating, don’t pass up her 166 videos of free content that can assist you with transforming your life in areas that make life better. We also talk about choosing areas and then categories. Like, your bedroom and then the closet, dressers and the sock drawer. We also talk about organizing your closet by color and type. This makes decisions so much easier. We also give the tips about the dreaded sock drawer. Tip: use zip lock bags for each pair of socks. This way, you won’t stretch out the sock band and you won’t struggle with finding it’s matching pair.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and until next time take care and always follow your heart.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.