Episode 80: Reflection & 2016

Ep 80: Reflection & 2016 & 2017

Today’s episode is about 2016; my reflection and it’s about getting ready for 2017.

I mention good things that have happened and historical mishaps. I mention the musical Hamilton and it’s incredible album. While I touch upon the happenings around the globe and here in the US, I also ask you to reflect too. Did you write goals for this year? What did you accomplish? Which goals do you want to re-look and possibly re-evaluate? I mention that the US opened relations with Cuba and this could be amazing sharing so much between our countries like literature, food and more. I mention that President Obama went to Cuba and it had been 88 years since a US President had visited. I talk a little about world disasters natural and manmade, such as war, bullets, bombs, earthquakes, trucks driven into almost 600 people and into markets. I mention how intense this year has felt with the heaviness feeling more so than the lightness. I mention Brexit and how in June that sense of rebellion from those who cast their vote may not have known its true sense of uncertainty. I talk about the US and its largest divided voice both politically and emotionally and how some are hopeful and optimistic and others are fearful, worried and concerned.  I then change gears and bring back into focus on our goals, our desires and our 2017. I mention Charlie Engle writer of “The Running Man” a great inspirational book that encourages me to be more, to do more and to appreciate more. I personally wish each of you a better 2017….Happy New Year!

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.