Episode 83: How to Quit Smoking For Good

Ep 83: How to quit smoking for GOOD.

Hello everyone, if you are listening to this podcast, then you either are a smoker or you know someone who is and the title has intrigued you. Either way, welcome. So, I was once a smoker, that makes me completely experienced in how to quit for good. I also have treated many people via acupuncture when my patients had heard that acupuncture can help. This also makes me very aware of the process from a clinical perspective. I have helped many people successfully quit.

So, let’s get started. There are many reasons people start smoking, but why do they continue to smoke when they know on some level that smoking is unhealthy, smoking costs money, smoking could lead to an early death, smoking could lead them to a painfully slow death, smoking could create the desire to smoke for their children, smoking is expensive, smoking bla bla bla. Right? And of course there are more and more reasons to not smoke, but the point is with so many reasons to quit, why do they continue to smoke?

Some might say the nicotine is incredibly intense and it’s powerful claws are the reason that the smoker can not stop. Some might say, they enjoy it and the joy of smoking is why they can not stop and the reasons here are vast as well. It does not matter really why they are convincing themselves that they need to smoke or can not quit. If you are here, listening to this podcast, then you are wanting to quit. Right?

Here are some major components to consider when creating your plan to stop smoking for good.

  1. Association-what is your smoking connected to?
  2. Habits-how to change bad ones into good ones
  3. Stress Monitor-what can you use to relieve stress instead of a cigarette?
  4. Hand-Mouth-anxiety- 
  5. Thought Process-beliefs-which ones are holding you back?
  6. LifeStyle; association, drinking, bar scene, family and friends.
  7. Dependence-emotional -how to re-define
  8. Leverage- solid reasons to help you not re-start and quit.
  9. Habit Changes-substitution method
  10. Stress management-good sleep, good nutrition, cellular hydration will help
  11. Replacement
  12. Beliefs-key is in your beliefs
  13. Goals-what do you want to do instead?

The success is in the desire behind the decision to quit. And knowing that you must draw an absolute to never ever have another cigarette.

My name is Robyne Hemingway, thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart and of course caring about you and the quality of your life.