Episode 84: How to Burn More Calories

Podcast 84: How to Burn More Calories & Enhance Your Gym Experience

Hello Everyone and welcome to Hemingway’s Heart. My name is Robyne Hemingway.

Today’s episode is about how to burn more calories and enhance your gym experience to ensure that you are getting the results you want.

So, what does that mean? Well, most of us, the everyday normal person is not always exceptionally enthusiastic when going to the gym. In fact, when I look around most of us are on our phones or watching tv and some may be reading a book. The intensity is missing. I get it, it’s a thing you are doing and you’re just putting in the time. Really, I get it. BUT. If this sounds at all familiar, then please please please, listen to today’s podcast with all you got.

What I am about to say is not top secret, in fact it is common knowledge, but we need to be reminded and really think and ponder what we are trying to accomplish. So, here it is  all EXERCISE is not equal. And if your purpose is to get results, then we must really think about our goals and evaluate our actions.

For example, 30 minutes of weight-lifting moderately burns about 133 calories that’s about 45 calories every 10 minutes. If we break that down more, we are looking about 5 calories a minute. So, if you have made a decision to go to the gym for an hour choosing what you do in the gym and how focused you are on that chosen exercise is going to make a huge difference in how much muscle your build, how many calories you burn and your overall results.

The elliptical machine burns 400 calories (you actually burn them) for the same 30 minutes 13.3 calories every  minute. You can see instantly that if you can increase your rate of success by choosing what you will do and how you will do it and what intensity you will do it in.

I want to give you some other activities to compare and ponder; Yoga burns 178 calories in 30 minutes, gymnastics moderately about 200 in 30 minutes, stationary bike riding about 311 for 30 minutes, walking 222 for in 30 minutes, rock climbing burns 355 in 30 minutes, bike riding intensely 466 calories in 30 minutes and the stair stepper burns 266 in 30 minutes.

Now of course there are a lot of variables how intense can increase these numbers or decrease them as well. Also, if you are exercising at your target heart rate they say that burns fat and faster rate burns fuel. And they say that building muscle over time will increase your metabolism throughout each day. But, do not let those interfere with your awareness that what you are doing while you are at the gym makes a HUGE difference. I see people completely detached while at the gym. They are almost in zombie state. I can see that happening once in awhile, but it tends to be more often than you think.

So, let’s restate this again, because it’s really important. You could go to the gym 4 hours a week and burn 720-1064 calories or you could burn 3200 for the same 4 hours by burning 800 calories an hour. Remember, it takes 3500 calories to equal a pound. So, if you add 2 more days and go for 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour, then you would burn 7,200 calories. The takeaway here is; two people going to the gym would  get two completely different sets of results.

What you do and how you approach it is going to make a huge difference in your overall health and fitness. The other thing is that you are more likely to continue going when you see results. Your body composition will change as your intensity changes.  What gets measured gets managed.

I hope I have inspired you to either start going to the gym or when you  are in the gym, you are precise and analytical with your choices.

Thank you for reading and listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

Robyne Hemingway