Episode 85: How To Avoid Hidden Calories

Ep 85: How to Avoid Hidden Calories

Today’s Episode is about Identifying Hidden Calories by 1. self discovery 2. evaluating if those calories are worth their gain 3. Eliminating calories that will never be missed 4. Substitution with lower calorie foods or substances 5. Being mindful of rewarding yourself for not getting the so called bad item and then celebrating with dessert. 6. Not eating out or reducing the number of times you eat out in restaurants or fast food.

Then I go over 17 foods that can be the culprit to interrupting or interfering your weight loss success. Here are some of those foods to consider; Sesame Butter, coconut oil, avocados, brown rice, peanut butter, bread, butter, oil, nuts, cheese, meat, granola, pizza, salad dressing, mayo, soda and desserts. I go over that these foods can be awesome, but you need to be mindful that all foods contain calories even when they come packed with great nutrition.

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Robyne Hemingway