Episode 88: How and Where To Focus Is Key

Ep 88: How and Where to Focus is Key

Today’s podcast is about where you focus is key for accomplishing anything you want to accomplish. It is also about writing the steps down and following through.

Before we get started, I go over some of my personal experiences with intermittent fasting and my thoughts so far. If you have not listened to Episode 86 check it out soon.

We also talk about the 4 basic needs along with the 3 forces.

In the end, feeling good about life is often a result of your circumstances but it can also be about how you frame those events and situations. How you think about them is going to create the emotions you experience.

I also mention Dr. Jason Fung’s books again The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting which I recommend listening to on Audible.com and I also mention the documentary being released March 16th, 2017 What The Health by Kip Anderson. I surely hope you guys watch it and are empowered to make changes if you need to and share the movie with others.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.

Thank You!