Episode 90: 16 Steps To Comprehensive Fitness

Ep 90: 16 Areas to For Complete Fitness

Today’s episode will deliver 16 areas to incorporate into your life for comprehensive fitness.

  1. Endurance-continuous improvement-run-walk-hike-swim-yoga-jump rope-weights-body weight
  2. Abdominal Fat-keep at a minimal
  3. Hip Fat-keep at a minimal
  4. Stretch daily-via yoga or other-continue to track micro improvements
  5. Strength Increase-weights and body weight (track)
  6. Food-Organic, whole, unrefined, 60 % raw, plant-based
  7. Movements- Fast-intervals
  8. Movements- Long-moderate
  9. Water-maintain clean water intake-start day with 32 ounces
  10. Meditation-minimum goal 20 minutes-concentrate on breathing
  11. Poetry-Read out loud positive poems-calming-regulates heart rhythm
  12. Cross Fitness: Continue to change routines-workouts-methods
  13. Study all areas of fitness- “always” learn and practice and open mind.
  14. Sleep-have a schedule-mindful of sleeping posture-eliminate noise and light-quality bed-pillow
  15. Recovery-rest-alternate light-medium-heavy workouts-know what is needed
  16. Seek masters-gurus-teachers and people who you can learn from

My name is Robyne Hemingway

and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart