Episode 92: How to Combat Worry

Ep 92: How to combat Worry

Today, I give you and update on my 21 day challenge with intermittent fasting and the importance of measuring your body fat percentage. Then I go over different types of worry and how to combat them. First it is important to write down what you worry about, then decide if your worries are rational or irrational. Then see what you can do about each topic. Can you break them down into smaller chunks? If so, once you break each one down, see about possible solutions. Like getting a second job if you need more money and reducing your spending habits and or eliminating financial expenses that you do not need.

After we explore worry and what to do, I re-visit the Vision Board. I give you a brief explanation on how to create one and what you put on it. I think that vision boards are essential whenever we are wanting more joy, more love, more security, more safety, more compassion and so forth.

My name is Robyne Hemingway and you are listening to Hemingway’s Heart.