Episode 93: Be Ready On Race Day – An Interview with Denny Krahe

Ep: 93  How to be Ready on Race Day-an Interview  with Denny Krahe also known as Diz or Dizruns.com-Denny is a running coach, personal trainer, podcaster, writer, husband and father and so much more. He openly talks about running answering many questions about his on line coaching approach, his new book ” Be Ready On Race Day” designed for anyone wanting to be ready but may not have the funds to hire a personal running coach.  Denny is very gracious with his time and allows me to dig into his very close relationship with running, his thoughts on running and what his life might be like without it. Denny interviews runners twice a week and offers a third episode with Q& A for anyone who is interested in his advice about life and life with running on his podcast. His favorite fruit sweet cherries. His favorite or most eaten vegetable is broccoli and his favorite drink is milk.

Whether you are a runner or a wannabe runner or none of the above, I hope you take a listen and enjoy two fellow podcasters chatting it up.

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My name is Robyne Hemingway

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