Episode 96: How to Know if You are Healthy

Ep 96: How to know if you are healthy

In today’s episode we explore many of the particles that determine how healthy you are.  We also discuss the various types of dietary plans such as the fruitarians, vegetarians, vegans and variations like 80 10 10, Paleo, Mediterranean, keto and so on.

So, how to we know which is best? We hear calorie restriction is key, then we hear it’s not key it’s the production of insulin that is making us fat.

Also, we hear, you need lots of protein and then we hear no that’s bad too. So, how do we muddle through all of this confusion?

And to make it more interesting and often complicated, we have other factors that have direct correlation with how food assimilates such as stress, happiness, good quality sleep, exercise, water, air, work-life, family-life, social-life, environmental-life, and people. And each one of those previously mentioned has an impact on what our bodies do with the food we consume.

bottom-line, we need to always look at all of these evaluating them daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that we do not just hope we are healthy but instead we are actively making decisions that have greatest impact on our lives.

My name is Robyne Hemingway, thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

PS I encourage you to always research these diets on your own and when making choices on how you want to eat, whole plants  will always serve you well. Eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables everyday.