Episode 99: How To Make Changes To Your Life

Ep 99: How to Make Changes to Your Life

Today’s podcast is about making valuable changes to your life. I give you 16 different examples. ¬†However the idea is to encourage you to come up with your own IDEAS. That being said, please feel free to challenge yourself to complete each challenge!

Each Challenge is for 30 Days!

  1. Rise everyday at the same time allowing for additional time for yourself to meditate, relax, read stretch etc.
  2. Go to bed every night at the same time allowing for a goal of 8 solid hours of sleep.
  3. Break up with technology-no tv, youtube, netflix, movies, social media or smart phone (for work ok)
  4. Eat only one meal each day. Pick the time of day.
  5. Eat only Fruit (as much as you want)
  6. Yoga Everyday (Youtube is free)
  7. A Solid food vacation (only healthy liquids like smoothies and vegetable and fruit juices)
  8. Meditation for 30 minutes a day (yes 30 minutes)
  9. 32 ounces of water 3 times per day
  10. Run at least one mile each day
  11. Write down everything you eat and drink
  12. Write in a journal for 20 minutes minimum (more time is okay)
  13. Read your top 5 goals out loud everyday
  14. Record each time you spend any money
  15. Substitute something you want to stop for something else, like tea for coffee, or hot water with lemon
  16. Make Your Bed everyday

Thank you everyone for listening to Hemingway’s Heart!