Episode 17: 10 Tips Toward Mastering Weight Loss

Ep: 17       10 Tips Toward Mastering Weight Loss

Today’s episode is about mastering weight loss. We will go over the 10 tips to mastery.

1. Conscious Eating

2. Eat away from the television

3. Have preplanned portions

4. Break up with denial

5. Weigh in daily and or weekly *or measure

6. Track steps, miles, distance and duration

7. Micro track steps and miles

8. Change to an active lifestyle, by adding biking, walking, hiking, running, flag football, softball, yoga, pilates, soccer, tennis, racquetball, tennis, surfing, swimming or any other activity you desire.

9. Limit couch time, computer time, horizontal time, and television time (per day or per week)

10. Destroy Procrastination