Episode 17: 10 Tips Toward Mastering Weight Loss

Ep: 17       10 Tips Toward Mastering Weight Loss

Today’s episode is about mastering weight loss. We will go over the 10 tips to mastery.

1. Conscious Eating

2. Eat away from the television

3. Have preplanned portions

4. Break up with denial

5. Weigh in daily and or weekly *or measure

6. Track steps, miles, distance and duration

7. Micro track steps and miles

8. Change to an active lifestyle, by adding biking, walking, hiking, running, flag football, softball, yoga, pilates, soccer, tennis, racquetball, tennis, surfing, swimming or any other activity you desire.

9. Limit couch time, computer time, horizontal time, and television time (per day or per week)

10. Destroy Procrastination

Episode 16: The discovery Process to Good Diet & Nutrition

Ep: 16 The discovery Process to Good Diet & Nutrition

Today’s episode discusses the importance of reading and listening to many different diets and nutrition concepts. We briefly review 6 books . The importance is not based on these books in specific, but more about reading and researching yourself and stepping away from the locked in programing from your up bringing,  comfort foods, and trigger foods that make you over eat.

This episode also addresses reading and listening to opinions that are not always in line or matching your current views. We also address the importance of always learning reading and being open to new information and fact checking  such as researching other people’s research.

It is also important to know what is in your food, not just calories, fats and proteins; Learn everything you can about vitamins, minerals, enzymes and food additives.

As always, we want you to have good solid nutritious foods, plenty of sleep and be super hydrated because all quality of life starts with great nutrition.

Thank you for listening to hemingway’s heart.

My name is Robyne Hemingway


Episode 15: Four Key Areas-Make Your Life Better

Ep: 15 Four Keys To Make Your Life Better

Today’s Episode is about adding quality to your life. We look at four key areas or ingredients that can truly add quality to your life.  The four areas are; 1. Food 2, Music, 3. Friends and 4. Books.

Your life can easily get stuck in the same old routine. In order to transform your life you can concentrate on reading and or listening to books, calling up friends from your past or creating new friends, listening to music from your past and from the present and choosing foods and beverages that not only add great nutrition but also invite pleasure that delight.

I mention Stephanie Plum Series of Books with CJ Critt as an awesome narrator and written by Janet Evanovich. I mention the 4 hour workweek, The 4 hour body and The 4 hour chef written by Tim Ferris. I also mention The China Study written by T. Colen Campbell, The Biology of Belief written by Bruce Lipton and Virus of The Mind written by Richard Brodie and The Shack written by Young. These are just a few books that I enjoyed and they added much quality to my life and made a strong impression.

Reading and listening to books not only entertain and elevate your mood, but they can be a good way to go on a mental vacation by choosing books that are in other parts of the world. I mention Eat Pray and Love and how the leading protagonist Elizabeth Gilbert takes you to Italy, India and Indonesia and each time you actually feel as if you are in those countries. This added a lot of value for me. These little experiences can really make your life better.

I appreciate your listing to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Episode 14: How is Your Story Holding You Back?

Ep: 14 How is Your Story Holding You Back From a Better Life?

Today’s episode is about the story you keep telling yourself that is preventing you from reaching your destination. That destination could be a better job, a promotion, a new home, a better home, college tuition for your children, a new something or someone. It may be the love of your life that you want but can not seem to find.

We talk about how get what you want by releasing fear of failure, blocking that sabotage, getting into the right physical state of mind and attitude. We talk about setting a goal to exercise and then sabotaging the desired physical body, by not following through.

It is my hope that you think about your story that is not serving you.

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Episode 13: Nine Ways To Get More Quality of Life

Ep 13: How To Get More Quality of Life

Today’s episode is about the 9 categories that make a huge difference when quality is at the forefront.

We talk about quality being subjective and that it really only matters what you think. If you do not think it’s good, then make a list of things that you want to do to make it better. And one by one mark them off as you complete the list. Wala, its that easy.

The 9 categories are 1. Health 2. Home 3. Transportation 4. Materialist Things 5. Hobbies6. Friends and Family 7. Money  8. Safety 9. Belonging

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Episode 11: Let’s Explore Stress

Ep 11: Let’s Explore Stress

Today’s episode is all about stress.  What is stress?  Pressure and tension that are either from external sources such as other people, like family or our boss or internal sources from ourselves.

The state of mental emotional strain as a result of demanding circumstances.

Your negative feelings can create physiological changes such as changes in your skin, heart rate, digestion, joints, muscles, energy levels, even the hairs on your head and the countless cells and systems you don’t even know about that are effected with every Emotion!

You can not always eliminate stress, but you can learn to manage it. There are of course the ways we all know about but it never hurts to hear them again; exercise such as walking, riding your bike, running, and swimming. And then there are ways to calm the jitters such as taking a hot bath, mediating, laying down or even taking a nap or sleeping more hours.

We also discuss digestion and STRESS’ toll; 1. decreased nutrients, 2 decreased oxygen to the gut, 3. elevated cholesterol, 4. elevated triglycerides 5. increased food sensitivities and 6. heart burn.

We go into a little more details about heartburn, stress and the over use of anti acids. This part is very important.

I hope you are inspired to make at least one change either by adding something positive in your life to manage your stress better like taking up walking or riding your bike, or that you start to improve your overall life and stop working 70 and 80 hours a week.

My name is Robyne Hemingway

Thank you for listening to Hemingway’s Heart


A Quality of life requires a lot of things

A  life of Quality requires a lot of things…its complicated and complex.

We need to tend to our relationships, we need to be careful with the things we put into our bodies and we need to bring income into our reality in order to manage a home, transportation, organization, fun and whatever we deem important.

The first part of our young adult life usually only requires that we manage our own life, but when we have children, then our lives become more complicated, because we have to do everything for our life and for the young ones we give life to.

For the sake of today’s post, I want to focus on your needs only.  What are those needs? What are the needs that will make you feel that your life is rich and full and satisfying.

If you are able to manage your spending, your income, your calories and your exercise, you probably would not be ready this post.

So, I will assume that you are struggling with some or all of those mentioned above.

Understanding what motivates our needs helps us manage those needs. I want you to think about why you spend unplanned money, I want you think to about what makes you eat foods that you know you probably shouldn’t. I want you to then think about why need might be behind those choices.

I also want you to think about why you work where you work? And what you like about what you do there. I also want you to explore what you would do differently if you had time to do it over.

We will come bake to this topic later this month.  Mostly I want you to explore where you are now and why you are there. It is not an easy task. Learning to become self aware is the first step to mastering your life. One can not have a life of quality without being in charge of themselves.

Episode 10: How to Choose Your Diet

Hello Everyone, today’s episode is about how to choose your diet for weight loss and a healthy life.

We will cover the 5 key concepts;

1. Choose a diet that fits your personality. Another words, choose one you think you will follow. Something you think you can do long term.

2. Choose a diet that is in line with where you currently are. Another words, do not choose to a vegan diet,  if you are eating meat three times a day and its your favorite.

3. Choose a diet that is safe and healthy.  Do some research to see if there has been any bad testimonials. Also, use the reasonable test to make sure that the diet makes sense. Please do not use any supplements and teas that say they will help you lose weight. These are almost always unsafe.

4. If you have no idea which diet is best: Choose Weight Watchers. It is an excellent program with education, accountability and no unsafe practices. If it sounds super easy, then it probably will be temporary weight loss and it won’t last. Permanent Weight loss takes time.

5. And lastly, look at what are your trigger foods and make a list of how you will reduce and reduce some more until they are rarely in your diet. You can lose a lot of weight by breaking up with high calorie low quality foods and drinks.

Check back in on the website, I will list 5 diets to look up and get to know.

Thank you for listening today

Robyne Hemingway

1. Weight Watchers

2. Jenny Craig

3. 80 10 10 by Douglas Graham – I recommend the book on audible.com

4. Raw Vegan

5. Vegan

Here is a link for the 34 highest rated diets click here

I recommend strongly that you study diets that are life style diets, not diets for short term results. Gradual small changes towards your long term goals is best.



Episode 09: How She Lost 95 Pounds: Transformation

Ep 09: How She Lost 95 Pounds

Today’s Episode is about a woman who lost 95 pounds: Kerrie Davis. Today Kerrie weighs 140/145 pounds.

When she started her health journey, she weighed in at 242/250 pounds. She was on several medications, smoking and eating foods that did not make her feel good. Her life was spinning out of control.

Then something happened. She turned a corner when she met a healthcare practitioner who talked to her about nutrition. Over the next year, Kerrie took control over her life…she started to put herself first. She gave up the $90,000 year job and stress filled life and turned over a new leaf by getting healthy.

Listen to this podcast for at least one nugget of insight. You can email: robyne@hemingwaysheart.com for Kerrie’s info or mine or go to


Juiceplus is in all 50 states and it is in 26 countries

Please check out the websites and the products so that you too can grow your own healthy food and take your life back.

Thank you for listening and remember to always follow your heart.

Robyne Hemingway

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